2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the Eco Conscious Yogi

December 05, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the Eco Conscious Yogi

It's that time of year again when gift giving is on everyone's To-Do List! The holidays are in full swing, but you won't need to run to the mall to find the perfect gift for all your eco-conscious yogi friends thanks to my handy dandy gift guide. I've curated a few awesome products for the woman who cares about the health of her mind and body but also Mother Earth. All of these products are made with healthy ingredients for the perfect non-toxic gift for your loved ones. So wow the special women in your life with a lovely gift from this roundup!


Acquarella Nail Polish, En l'air

Acquarella polish is a water base with a non-toxic, proprietary acrylic emulsion with ultra low residual monomer levels (< 0.1%), ensuring safety. Our non toxic colorants are specially formulated using iron oxide pigments. Our Acquarella Conditioner is a clear polish and free from any colorants.

Price $16


Yogasana Handmade Premium 72-Inch Thick Cotton Yoga Mat/Rug, X-Long

Each mat is hand-woven in India, the birthplace of yoga and take 10 days to make including 3 days on a loom with a master weaver.

Price $90.30



The Mala Babe Yoga Pants Tote

The only tote bag you'll ever need! It's roomy & strong with a square bottom that'll hold all your lovely items whether you're headed to the yoga studio, grocery store, and beyond.

 Price $24




 This aromatherapy roller is the perfect yoga companion!  Use it before you stretch, meditation, practice yoga or when you just need to find a little grounding energy.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Cedarwood + Frankincense Essential Oils (*Organic Materials)

 Price $14-25


The Mala Babe Compassion Mala Necklace & Bracelet Bundle

Can't decide between the mala and bracelet? No worries - I got you, Babe. The Compassion Mala and Bracelet Bundle is the perfect reminder to treat yourself and others with some much needed TLC during the holidays and always. Wear them together or separately depending on what you're feeling that day.

Affirmation: I am compassionate towards myself & others and unconditional love flows naturally from my heart. I am resilient & healing through self-love and accepting myself exactly as I am.

Price $88



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