6 Super Easy Ways to Instantly Raise Your Vibrations

December 12, 2017

6 Super Easy Ways to Instantly Raise Your Vibrations

Now you know that our thoughts determine our vibration and frequency. And who doesn't want to vibrate at "love or above" as Christie Marie Sheldon, one of my favorite intuitives, puts it? 

Listen to music to raise your vibrations

1. Listen to your favorite music
Sounds kinda obvi right? But there's science behind why listening to your favorite tunes can instantly raise your vibrations. When you're listening to music your ego doesn't interfere with your vibration therefore you can get happy fast! So grab that ipod and start rocking out ASAP.


Read inspirational books to raise your vibrations

2. Inspire yourself 

Read inspirational books and quotes, watch movies, listen to music or watch spiritual teachers on YouTube. Immersing yourself in inspirational and uplifting thoughts is a great way to raise your vibrations. After all, uplifting stuff is supposed to lift you up right? And besides, we already know that our thoughts determine our emotions which determine our vibrations. Read more on this in my previous blog post, "Why you must raise your vibrations if you want to be happy." You can also wear or reminders to raise your vibrations everywhere you go. Check out The Mala Babe inspirational gear here.

Exercise to raise your vibrations

3. Exercise

Physical activity moves blood and oxygen through your body thereby allowing energy to flow. It also produces lots of endorphins, which directly raise vibrations. Do your favorite exercise of course! Who doesn't feel amazing after a good workout, swim, or yoga session?

Write in a gratitude journal to raise your vibrations
4. Write in a Gratitude Journal

The act of writing down or at least sitting down to think about everything you're grateful for and all the abundance in your life is probably the second most powerful and long-lasting way to really raise your vibrations. That's because when you're reflecting on everything you're thankful for you vibrate in the space of unconditional love & gratitude, which are an exact match for source energy. Source energy is where everything stems from so connecting with source is how you can truly raise your vibrations at your core and start to heal any old emotional scars or wounds. Start practicing this as much as you can and just see how much amazingness starts coming your way!

Laugh and smile to raise your vibrations
5. Laugh & smile

This one may seem super duper obvi but some of us can forget to take time to laugh, smile, and enjoy this amazingness called life! When you're laughing you are physically vibrating at a higher frequency than when you're simply sitting still. Telling jokes and being silly are my favorite ways to laugh and it's so easy to do this any time. Life's too short to be serious all the time. Am I right?

Meditate to raise your vibrations
6. Meditate

If you're in the midst of a shit storm of negative thoughts or emotions, such as anger, the best thing you can do is stop and meditate. Just simply close your eyes and focus on your breath. Try to focus on the sensation of air moving in and out of your nostrils or your chest rising and falling with each breath. Then try to focus your breathing into your belly instead of your chest. Meditating is the act of stopping thought and going from negative to positive vibration. If a thought enters your mind don't pass judgement or criticize your thoughts. Meditating is stepping outside your ego mind. By meditating regularly you'll soon be able to almost instantaneously control your thoughts. When I first started meditating I could only sit for 5 minutes or so. Then eventually each session got progressively longer and longer until I found myself in deep meditation for over 1 hour! I set a timer on my phone and celebrated after every session. Being able to control our thoughts is the single most important way to raise our vibrations and stay in a high vibration state. Check out this fun video on meditation by a Buddhist monk and see how you can control your "monkey brain!"


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