Full Moon Ritual

April 25, 2018

Full Moon Ritual

Scorpio Full Moon

This month’s full moon in Scorpio symbolizes success and overcoming challenges and obstacles with the ambitious intentions we set for the New Moon on April 15, 2018. Check out this blog post I wrote about it here to revisit and reflect on the energy of this moon. If you felt a fire under your ass then you were fully immersed in the energy of Aries!

Because the new moon was in Aries this month we capitalized the energy of this fire sign to help propel us forward toward aggressive goals in business, school, and home life. If there was a new project, business venture, or course you wanted to take that pushed you outside your comfort zone then the energy of the waxing or growing moon helped to boost your confidence and overcome any fears or limiting beliefs. This was such a magical and powerful way to manifest and really grow as a person and your final success may appear by the Full Moon on April 29, 2018 at 5:58 pm Los Angeles time. So congratulate yourself on a job well done for your determination and for hanging in there through any tough times. Now it’s time to reap the benefits of our hard work!

This lunar cycle may have presented challenges to certain people, especially mothers in the workforce or single parents. I personally felt the ever present tug-of-war between parenting, being a wife, and ambitious entrepreneur. This was mainly caused by the sun being in a position opposite to the moon and highlighting the polarities in our lives. None of these are negative as the universe and celestial bodies are helping us to ascend as individuals by pointing out areas that may need attention and support. In the end, the message is clear - balance is the key to life and we must make time for both play and work in every aspect of our lives.

Whenever we set intentions on the New Moon it means that we must also set intentions for things we will let go and release when the Full Moon arrives. The concept is no different than the laws of the universe - we must make room for anything new that we want to bring into our lives. Here’s a ritual for the Full Moon in Aries:


Use a smudge and clear the energy of your body, your space, crystals, jewelry, and any other sacred objects you wish. Palo santo vibrates in alignment with Aries so it would be the preferred smudge, although sage will also work. Check out our ritual kits here so you’re well prepared for the next New Moon in May.

Meditate and sit quietly for a few minutes to ground yourself. Visualize roots extending downward from your body toward the center of the Earth and the energy from the Earth shooting back into your body. Then visualize a column of pure white light shooting out from the top of your head from the Crown Chakra to the heavens forming a solid column of energy with your roots. Take 20-30 deep breaths focusing on the act of breathing itself. Bring your attention to your breath and let your Higher Self tell you what you need to let go of the most. Rub your palms together vigorously to generate heat then hold your hands over your heart center. Focus the energy in your heart chakra and visualize it expanding like the petals of a blossoming flower. Connecting the heart center with the higher self will allow you to live in full alignment with your purpose and bring clarity to your ritual.

Declare to the universe that you are ready to let go and release any thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that no longer serve you and express gratitude for all the abundance it provides. An example statement could be:

“Dear Universe, Angels, and Spirit Guides. Please guide me to my greatest and highest good to remove any blockages that are keeping me stuck and preventing me from achieving my biggest dreams. I am open to receiving any guidance you can give that will help me break through any limitations. I am so grateful and thankful for your support.”

Write down what you’re letting go of and and compare your notes to what you wrote down during your New Moon ritual earlier this month. What manifested for you?

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