How To Open Your 7 Chakras for A Vibrant Life

October 31, 2018

How To Open Your 7 Chakras for A Vibrant Life

1.  What Are Chakras?

The word chakra (pronounced ch-akra)  is Sanksrit for “wheel,” which represents how life and energy flows in cycles throughout the universe. For example, the Sun rises and sets each day and the Earth orbits the sun. You may have heard that “everything is energy” and chakras are examples of why this is true. Every piece of solid matter like a crystal, tree, or a piece of plastic contains energy in the form of atoms, which are constantly moving and swirling. What’s really interesting is that things that aren’t solid matter like thoughts and emotions are also made of energy in the form of atoms. You can think of the chakras as energy centers spinning like wheels that act like organizing centers to receive, absorb, and transmit energy between the universe and our bodies. We are consciousness having a human experience so chakras are critical for helping us to navigate our journey.


2.  Where are the 7 Chakras?

There are 7 basic chakras that connect our physical bodies with our “subtle body” or nonphysical body of energy, which is made of electromagnetic energy and can be easily measured. If you’ve ever seen a photo of someone’s aura then you’ll know that it has several layers and colors, and in yogic psychology, they’re called koshas. At the center and core of the subtle body exists the 7 chakras, which look like spinning wheels or disks hence the name chakra.

If you’re skeptical whether the chakras exist or not then you’ll be interested to know that they’re actually located near 7 major clusters of nerves called dorsal root ganglion that originate from the spinal column.

Chakra Name

Nerve Cluster

Location on the Body

Root Chakra

Coccygeal Plexus

Base of spine

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Plexus


Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus


Heart Chakra

Pulmonary & Cardiac Plexi


Throat Chakra

Pharyngeal Plexus


Third Eye Chakra

Carotid Plexus Of The Face

Behind eyes

Crown Chakra

Cerebral Cortex

Crown of head

As a scientist, I love learning how seemingly “New Age” or metaphysical concepts actually have a biological connection. For me, this is proof that our chakras connect our physical bodies with non-physical, higher states of consciousness and energy from the universe - the connection of mind and body. We are all connected - we are all one!

3.  Why are the 7 Chakras Important?

Chakras have also been called lotuses and each one has its own symbol resembling a lotus. The lotus blooming is a symbol of purity, evolution, and consciousness expanding. As we climb the ladder from Root Chakra to Crown Chakra our consciousness expands from solid matter to a fully bloomed lotus depicted by a “thousand petal lotus” symbol. Conversely, as we descend from the Crown Chakra downward thoughts and ideas transform from abstract concepts into dense, solid, and physical in nature like roots of a tree. This is how manifestation occurs. Therefore, the chakra system has an upward current and a downward current spinning with energy like a vortex which is why collectively they’re called “wheels of life.” Without a properly functioning chakra system, we cannot manifest our dreams and create a reality we truly desire.

The chakras are so important because they act as portals or gateways in and out of the body. Imagine that chakras are like critical checkpoints on a manufacturing assembly line. If one checkpoint is missed or performed incorrectly the entire product is compromised. As chakra expert, Dr. Anodea Judith, wrote, “Each chakra - which literally means ‘disk’ - can be thought of as programming on a floppy disk that runs certain elements of our lives from survival programs, to our sexual programs, to the way we think and feel.”

Chakras perform based on programming from our life experiences, teachings from our parents & cultures, and also from past lives. Therefore, it’s so important to not only understand our chakras and how they help to determine our reality, but also how to clean them up so they perform like well oiled machines.  


4.  Intro To Chakra Balancing

There are several ways to open, heal, and balance the chakras and I’ll go into much more detail in future posts, but here are just a few basic ways:

  • Chakra Colors and Chakra Stones: Each chakra is associated with a level of consciousness, specific color, and specific crystals. Colors can be used as therapeutic tools to support the chakras in the same way that crystals can be used to support manifesting our desires. As we explore the chakras individually, you’ll be able to see which colors and stones can be used to heal each chakra. Crystals can be placed directly over each chakra to balance the energy.
  • Chakra Jewelry: Similar to how we can use color and crystal therapy, chakra jewelry is a powerful way to support the chakras. Crystals can be used in combinations or individually and worn as beautiful jewelry so we can carry the healing intention and energy wherever we go. Meditating with a crystal mala is one of the most effective ways to expand the consciousness and energy of each chakra.
  • Chakra Meditation: meditating and expanding the consciousness of each chakra with specific meditations, mantras, and sound vibrations is extremely effective for healing them. Meditating with a mala made from crystals for each particular chakra is the single most powerful way to begin to break down old programming and re-write how we want our chakras to facilitate our reality.
  • Chakra Yoga Poses:  physical exercises can also help to stimulate and bring energy to the chakras. Since each chakra is located in a particular place on our bodies there are corresponding yoga poses that focus energy and healing. Be sure to read upcoming posts for more information on chakra yoga poses.


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