Rituals for the New Moon in Taurus

May 15, 2018

Rituals for the New Moon in Taurus

Happy New Moon, Babe! This month the new moon is in Taurus, which has an Earthy vibe. The exact time of La Luna's arrival is 7:48 am EST on May 15, but don't fret if you haven't gotten your intentions totally outlined. We have a window of time to set our intentions from May 14-16. Phew for all us procrastinators out there! Plus your intuition already knows what your intentions should be- our conscious minds just have to catch up some times (true story for me!)

This new moon is especially meaningful for me because it's a reminder to move slowly and be patient while I cultivate my desires in life and business. In the past few months I've pushed beyond my physical limits because I had the mindset that everything on my to-do list needed to be done yesterday, which was no bueno. That caused me to burn the candle at both ends and my body gave out. I'm healing every day with the help of my crystals, nourishing foods, and amazing support system at home, but I don't recommend doing this to yourself! The moon in Taurus reminds us to pause and reflect on how much progress we've made and take time to set one or two big goals for this moon cycle. I'm actually using this method for every moon cycle going forward to prevent myself from becoming overly ambitious. It's all about balance right?

The other amazing thing about this Earthy moon is its grounding energy! Use this time to cultivate and indulge in Earthly pleasures like an incredible, home-cooked meal, a massage or mani/pedi, taking a walk in nature, and really allowing ourselves to soak up what Mother Nature has provided and being grateful for her gifts. Invite the element of Earth into your home and decorate, clean, and make space for new things to manifest.


Here are some ideas for invoking the Taurus moon energy into your life:

  • Makeup ritual: get rid or let go of old cosmetics and personal care products you're no longer using. Makeup has a shelf-life before bacteria and other nasty stuff makes it go bad, so this is definitely a healthy habit to cultivate. Doing this this helps keep my cabinets & drawers tidy, keeps me clean and healthy, and also gives me the reason to go shopping if I need to refresh my makeup bag! Win! Lately, I've been on a clean beauty binge and dumping lots of old products with questionable ingredients. I'm a board-certified toxicologist so clean beauty products, ideally organic & plant-based, are extremely important to me. Check out my other blog, The Toxicology Babe, if you want to learn more. 
  • Practice self-love on your physical body: Tell each part of your body how grateful you are for it and how much you love it. I try to do this as much as possible especially when I'm about to criticize my body. It totally helps overcome any negative thoughts or feelings about myself and I end up feeling amazing and beautiful! Other important things to do would be exercise, extra sleep, and eating nourishing foods & avoiding junk.
  • Ground your bare feet into Mother Earth and express your gratitude for all the abundance she provides. This will also help you detox your body, reduce inflammation, and help you relax. I love grounding and Earthing so much and notice that my body yearns for it and how much more alive I feel after I've done it.
  • Treat yourself to some new crystals, ritual kits, or crystal jewelry to complement your intentions and help you heal with any ailments. I'm delving into crystal healing at the moment and absolutely love it! I'm super into reading books about crystal prescriptions and how to support healing for all kinds of conditions. I'll be sure to share more on that, but in the meantime feel free to check out my collections of healing crystal jewelry inspired by Goddess for manifesting love, serenity, and boosting your Goddess energy!

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