The Inspiration Behind the Atlantis Jewelry Collection

November 06, 2019

The Inspiration Behind the Atlantis Jewelry Collection

I learned about Atlantis as a child and the story of this ancient and sophisticated civilization continues to mesmerize me. It was one of beauty, love, and creativity, which is believed to have once flourished in an area somewhere off the coast of Morocco. In its full glory it was a shining beacon of sophistication, connection with nature, and advanced technology. Plato famously wrote about Atlantis in Timaeus in 360 BC where he described a lavishly wealthy and opulent civilization with advancements in science, math, and engineering unsurpassed at that time. He wrote about the highly debated location of Atlantis as being near the “Pillars of Hercules” which is generally regarded today as the Strait of Gibraltar. According to Plato, Atlantis was an island larger than the size of Libya as it was then known to the ancient Greeks indicating that the Atlantean empire was vast and far reaching. The tragedy and mystery of this ancient city is fueled by the stories of its sudden and catastrophic destruction in just a few days.

Many tales and legends are told of Atlantis and it’s not entirely clear how it was destroyed or why it disappeared so suddenly. One source suggests that Atlantis met its destruction because of negative energies, which in turn, attracted catastrophic comets that triggered tsunamis and massive waves. The impact and onslaught led to the island of Atlantis supposedly sinking in a matter of days, thus being completely obliterated making it a huge challenge to find evidence that it even existed because artifacts are likely buried deep in the sea. Some historians suggest that the tsunamis led to the historic flood as told in the biblical story of Noah’s Ark and that Halloween may commemorate the day after Atlantis was destroyed. Although these ideas are hotly debated it could seem plausible based on historical timelines from various sources.

Since there are no known artifacts directly from Atlantis it’s no wonder that its story is so fabled and full of lore. In the days leading to the catastrophe, it’s believed that many Atlantean people fled to Greece and Egypt where they erected monuments such as the Temple of Knossos and the pyramid at Giza. These landmarks provide a glimpse into the rich culture and architecture of Atlantis that has been linked with the style of the Aztecs. Brightly painted buildings with pillars of gold, black, and red are common among these monuments giving us some ideas of what Atlantis may have looked like.  In the Temple of Knossos you’ll find crystals embedded in the walls of the labyrinth and indoor pools with paintings of dolphins and whales. It has been suggested that the Atlantean priests convened with Cetaceans and the indoor pools allowed them to swim directly inside the temple. At Giza there are libraries of knowledge dating back to Atlantean times buried deep beneath the great sphinx and some suggest there are similar findings beneath the pyramids unearthed in Peru.

Why was such a beautiful society destroyed you ask? I believe that many of the challenges we face in today’s society also brought about the end of Atlantis. If you think about it there are many parallels such as the dominance of the ego structure and male energy, conflict over power and wealth, and the fear-based disconnection from nature. Leading with the ego instead of the heart leads to the feeling of dis-empowerment, which causes some people to feel that they need to dominate others because they themselves feel powerless. An imbalance of male and female energy has a tendency toward violent behavior and furthers the need to overtake others’ especially when wealth and power are involved. Being disconnected from nature is one of the most toxic, physically and emotionally, path one can choose. I feel especially passionate about this not only because I’m a toxicologist, but also because nature energizes me. When I’m feeling tired or need a boost just spending a few minutes in the grass or on the sand makes me feel a million times better! 

Protecting and preserving the environment are huge for me and my brand,  but I’m also extremely passionate about appreciating and cherishing all the gifts Mother Nature provides. I avoid plastics and synthetics at all costs and opt for organic and recycled when possible even if it means spending more. To me it’s worth it in the end to do my part in reducing the amount of toxic waste going back into the ground, water, and food chain. That’s why I only use recycled metals and all-natural gemstones in Yvonne Dao jewelry.

The profoundly beautiful and tragic story of Atlantis inspired me to create the latest collection of sterling silver larimar and rainbow moonstone jewelry. The energy of larimar is soothing reminiscent of clear, blue ocean waters yet it’s fiery and fierce having been formed under tremendous heat and pressure deep within oceanic volcanoes. It’s such a rare stone because it’s only found in one place on Earth, which is the Dominican Republic. Most of what is accessible to us has been mined so it’s becoming more and more rare to find. In fact, I hand-picked these larimar stones directly from a mining family from the D.R. and no two are alike making most pieces in this collection truly one-of-a-kind. I’m drawn to the pear or teardrop shaped stones because they remind me of lotus petals, which symbolize purity of mind, body, and soul. Rainbow Moonstone has always been an absolute favorite of mine because it shimmers an ethereal blue and purple flash when the light hits it at different angles. Not to mention it’s the Cancer stone and carries the energy of the moon and may open our psychic abilities. Hello, I’m obsessed!

Inspired by the ancient, mystical civilization of Atlantis and created for the love and healing of humanity in modern times, the Atlantis Jewelry Collection by Yvonne Dao is meant to inspire us to lead more with our heart center and reconnect with our personal Divine Feminine power to restore balance in the world. Let the spirit of Atlantis rise again within our hearts and watch our lives become more and more dream-like. So float effortlessly in the current of creation and stand on the shores of the new Atlantis rising by wearing your favorite pieces from the Yvonne Dao Atlantis Jewelry Collection.

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