The Significance of the Summer Solstice

June 19, 2018

The Significance of the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice marks the first official day of Summer and the day with the longest period of sunlight. It is considered a sacred time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest.  A time for celebration, for which, our ancestors built entire monuments for and held fire rituals to honor. Druids built Stonehenge, the Mayans built pyramids, and the ancient Egyptians built the Sphinx so the solstice sun makes a crown around its head. Around the globe this is significant astronomical phenomenon that calls for ceremony and ritual. Amazing right?

The blazing and powerful sun provides light, warmth, and fuel for life to exist on Mother Earth. After this day the hours of sunlight will continue to diminish until we reach the Winter Solstice. We honor the triumph of light over dark and practice gratitude for all the abundance we have, the flourishing of life, and the divine light present within each of us. As divine beings, we are able to unleash our inner Goddess power and manifest our wildest dreams particularly during this energized period where the sun hits the Earth directly over the Tropic of Cancer.

A fire ritual is one of the most powerful ways to burn away what no longer serves our highest good, which can come in the form of limiting beliefs, old emotions, and negative thoughts. Let the Solstice be a time when you forgive yourself and others for anything that was not in your highest vibration so you can be free of the shackles of any low vibration emotions. I found this to be particularly empowering as I felt liberated from criticism, guilt, or shame of any kind that may have been holding me back from my being my best self. I’ve written what I want to purge and let go of and will throw it into the bonfire. After all, throwing our worries into the fire makes room for us to manifest our wildest dreams!

Lastly, one of the most important spiritual meanings of the Summer Solstice is the reminder that we are all divine beings of light capable of ascending toward enlightenment, the highest vibration. If you want to learn more about vibrations check out my previous blog post here. Fire is the most expansive force and so is our consciousness! I’ve found this period of time to be perfect for finding new healing crystal jewelry and mala necklaces because I’m making room for what I want to manifest for the coming months. Meditating with a mala will help you to attract what it is you truly want to manifest and selecting one with the healing crystals that are in alignment with your vision will accelerate and fast track you actually gaining these things.

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