Why you must raise your vibrations if you want to be happy

November 21, 2017

Why you must raise your vibrations if you want to be happy

Every single physical thing on Earth is made of atoms - you, me, animals, plants, water, crystals - everything. Our atoms have a vibrational frequency and energy too.

Let's take, for example, our emotions. Imagine someone who is super happy & upbeat. Would you describe that person as bubbly and pumped up or heavy like a weight? If you said bubbly then you're right! We typically perceive people who are feeling sad or full of shame as being heavy and even draining. That's because the vibrational frequency of sadness & shame is is way lower than the vibration of joy & happiness.

Check out this illustration of the different vibrations of our emotions. The highest vibration we can achieve is enlightenment at 700 Hz yet most people today vibrate around 200 Hz. The higher the frequency the higher the consciousness. 

"Consciousness and vibrational frequency go hand in hand. When you're in a low frequency, you're in a decreased state of consciousness and your perception is limited. When you're in a high frequency, you're in an increased state of consciousness and your perception is heightened. The lower your vibrational frequency, the less you are able to comprehend because your ego is restricting the Flow of Life Force/source Energy and Intuition/Love through your mind and body. The higher your vibrational frequency, the more you are able to comprehend because you are allowing a greater Flow of Life Force through your mind and body." - Teal Swan

How do we vibrate higher? Simple - feel positive emotions! Thoughts determine our emotions and our emotions determine our vibration. So the best way to raise your vibrations is to choose your thoughts wisely.


TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Focus your mind on the good things if you want to feel good.

Here's one of the first videos I ever watched on changing my vibration to change my reality.  Check out it!

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