Hey, Babe! My name is Yvonne and I’m a dedicated mother and Jewelry Designer living in San Diego, California. I'm so glad you're here! If you're anything like me, daily life can sometimes get hectic and you're looking for ways to feel more grounded, centered, and powerful. I personally suffered from debilitating stress and anxiety and making malas with healing crystals was a way of meditating and slowing down my monkey brain.

Meditation and healing crystals have connected me with my intuition and higher self in ways that I never dreamed possible! It became absolutely clear that my higher purpose is to empower women to connect with their inner Goddess because every woman is a Goddess no matter your age, looks, or interests. Women are the creators of life and nurturers of love and compassion on Earth. What's more powerful than that?!

You are the whole reason I design and make jewelry, smudge kits, and ritual tools. I handpick and design every piece with the intentions of love and women's empowerment. Every mala is made by skilled women artisans in remote villages in India and that's just one way that I can give back and empower women. As we speak, I'm learning to become a metalsmith so I can make beautiful and durable sterling silver and gold jewelry with Goddess symbols and I can't wait to share them with you!




I've always loved being creative and crafting beautiful things with my hands, but there was always an undying curiosity I had for science too. So I decided to get my PhD and become a Toxicologist, but that meant less time for my craft.

While working as a corporate Toxicologist, I was overwhelmed by the demands of the job and anxiety took over. My sister introduced me to yoga and I immediately wanted a mala of my own. Being a lover of crafting, I taught myself how to make them. Coworkers and friends starting buying them off my neck and I felt called to launch my own business. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and help others from bottom of my heart. I witnessed the power of these mala beads first-hand so I knew I had to share that message of self-love with the world. That's when my business of love was born!

When it comes to my creations, I make sure to use top-quality, wild crafted, all-natural beads and precious metals. I’m also big on having consistent brand values like quality craftsmanship and beautiful design. 

Driven to give back to the community, I’m on a mission to create jewelry that inspires and empowers women. Simply put, I want you to feel just as happy as I did when made my first mala!

Love & Light,

Yvonne B.