Many of our pieces are made of gold-filled materials, which is an amazing alternative to costly solid gold. With proper care, our high quality gold-filled jewelry is beautiful and durable - without the expensive price tag.

Not to be confused with gold-plated jewelry, our gold-filled pieces are made from brass that is pressure bonded with a thick layer of gold. In fact, it actually has up to 1000 times the amount of gold as plated alternatives making it much more valuable, coveted, and resistant to tarnish. Gold-filled jewelry is great for people with sensitive skin or allergies to other metals. Our gold-filled jewelry is nickel free.


Each piece is handmade with abundant care and positive energy using natural crystals, stone, wood, and silk. We suggest avoiding exposing your jewelry to strenuous activity such as swimming or running, water (take them off before bathing), lotions, oils, perfume, or hairspray as these will shorten the life of your pieces. We recommend that sterling silver be stored in plastic away from moisture to prevent tarnishing and all stretch bracelets should be rolled on and off the wrist to avoid premature stretching. Gold-filled and sterling silver can be gently cleaned with a silver polishing cloth 


​Use warm water and mild soap to remove dirt and dust, but please be gentle when handling your mala. You can use coconut oil to preserve your rudraksha beads. It's best to avoid strenuous activity while wearing your mala especially if worn around your wrist and avoid wearing it while practicing hot yoga. Take your mala off before sleep to prevent damage or negative thoughts passing through the beads. Always store your mala flat and never leave it hanging for extended periods of time to prevent premature stretching of the silk. If the tassel becomes rumpled simply moisten your fingertips with 1-2 drops of water and gently run your fingers over the silk threads until they are straight again. Voila!

Some of our rudraksha beads are dyed a brilliant orange hue and you may find that the color may transfer onto skin or light-colored clothing when you first start wearing them. This will lessen over time and should not be a cause of concern. The oil from your skin will darken the beads giving a beautiful patina, which is desired. ​