Compassion Tassel Mala Necklace

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  • Mantra: I am compassionate towards myself & others and unconditional love flows naturally from my heart. I am resilient & healing through self-love and accepting myself exactly as I am.
  • ▼Rose Quartz: Soft, gentle pink, the ultimate stone of unconditional love & compassion towards yourself and others. It opens the heart to giving and receiving love and helps to heal old emotional wounds.

    ▼Sandalwood: all natural and divinely fragrant, it protects from negative energy & promotes spiritual awareness. Imagine the feeling of calmness that washes over you each time you smell the soft aroma. Can be used as an oil diffuser.

    ▼Quartz Crystal: prized as the most powerful crystal for activating all 7 chakras, but especially the Crown chakra, enhancing intuition, mental clarity, and amplifies energies of other crystals it surrounds.
  • ▼8 mm rose quartz & 8 mm sandalwood beads
    ▼Clear quartz crystal guru bead
    ▼Hand-knotted on nylon thread with a cotton tassel
    ▼Total length: 44" (111 cm) approx.
    ▼Hangs above the belly button for the average adult

    Every piece is special & unique made from natural gemstones (crystals) with variations adding to their beauty. All pieces are cleansed and charged before being sent to you. Please exercise caution when using crystals as a method of natural healing - use at your own discretion.

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