Mermaid Tassel Mala Necklace

  • Mantra: My words flow like water and my voice is powerful. I speak my truth fearlessly, unabashedly, and unapologetically. My Throat Chakra is strong.
  • ▼Green Aventurine: Promotes luck & helps to attract prosperity
    ▼Amazonite: Used to strengthen emotional harmony
    ▼Turquoise: A talisman for wisdom & protection used for thousands of years by travelers
    ▼Lapis Lazuli: A stone once reserved for royalty that promotes truth and honesty and strengthens the memory
    ▼Quartz Crystal: prized as the most powerful crystal for activating all 7 chakras, but especially the Crown chakra, enhancing intuition, mental clarity, and amplifies energies of other crystals it surrounds
    ▼Natural rudraksha: In Sanskrit, rudraksha means "eyes of Shiva" named after the Hindu god. They are a seed of a berry that grows on a sacred tree in Asia and are considered sources of powerful vibrational energy. They have been used for thousands of years for energy balance because they are believed to form a shield around one's aura and provide mental clarity

  • ▼8 mm beads
    ▼Clear quartz crystal guru bead
    ▼Hand-knotted on nylon thread with a cotton tassel
    ▼Total length: 44" (111 cm) approx.
    ▼Hangs above the belly button for the average adult

    Every piece is special & unique made from natural gemstones (crystals) with variations adding to their beauty. All pieces are cleansed and charged before being sent to you. Please exercise caution when using crystals as a method of natural healing - use at your own discretion.